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SMB, a French manufacturer of promotional watches, has its headquarters in Besançon, the watchmaking capital. Our strengths: responsiveness (delivery within 10 working days), simplicity (all-inclusive selling price: marking dial, case and transport), reliability (5-year guarantee, after-sales service on the Besançon site) and trustworthiness (for 30 years alongside dealers in promotional items.)

Logo des montres Inotime

Choice: 450 models in the collection, constantly renewed.

“Ready to sell” concept: easels labelled with RRP according to your sales coefficient, technical information on the products, gift box provided by us.

Quality: a quality control on the production site ensures a low return rate. The intervention and delivery time is 15 days. A after-sales service logbook is at your disposal to simplify your shipments.

Adapted price range: between 15€ and 50€. Recommended retail price.

Logo des bijoux Carla Nogueres

Choice: 500 models in the collection, constantly renewed, from the simplest jewel to the most sophisticated sets.

“Ready to sell” concept: jewellery presented on stands, pre-labelled to the RRP (fixed), gift box provided by us

Quality: 750/000 gold plated jewellery, nickel-free plating guaranteed with a minimum thickness of 3 microns. Jewellery in 925/000 silver, rhodium-plated quality silver.

Price range between 11€ and 59€ Public sale price.

Logo des montres Action noir et rouge

A collection for the whole family accessible to the greatest number!

Logo des bijoux Prima Bella
Women have their collection especially designed for them!

Tekday is a collection of watches with digital or dual display.

This collection is designed for young people, athletes who are looking for quality and performance.

Most models are waterproof from 3ATM, have a date display, a chrono and an alarm mode.

Logo des bijoux All Blacks fougère argentée

ALL BLACKS Jewellery : The power of a myth

“All Blacks. Behind these two words lies a whole universe of human connotations. A philosophy that can be felt both in the product and in its realization…”
All Blacks: Two words that sum up the pride of an entire population for the best rugby team in the world: New Zealand.
The All Blacks embody the ideals of Power, Resistance, Courage and Technical Mastery.
The All Blacks jewellery collection: a collection designed for men.
This range reflects the noble values of the All Blacks Myth. Made of steel or leather, materials chosen for their resistance, this collection features the famous fern with the All Blacks logo.
Particular care has been taken with the details: reminder of the logo on the bracelet buckles.
The price range from 34€ to 109€ makes this collection accessible to a wide audience, far beyond just Rugby fans.

Just for us, girls!

Girls have their own collection specially studied and created for them. Only one name on all the lips: GO !
As the butterfly, symbol of the brandname, all the universe of GO Mademoiselle is intentionally fresh, light, colored, optimistic, harmonious, attractive, impertinent, innovative…
GO Mademoiselle watches and jewels are stylish accessories reflecting the latest French and international fashion trends.
Since its creation, GO Mademoiselle remains loyal to its values : introduce watches and jewels which the style, the price and the creativity answer to their crush.
GO Mademoiselle watches and jewels have been created to become the reflect of themselves, according to their personality or their mood of the moment…

It’s time to go!

Logo des montres Certus

Joalia is a collection of ladies’ watches. The femininity of Joalia watches is characterized by the careful finishing. Available in silver, two-tone or gold finish, they are also offered in pink gold.

At Joalia, particular attention is paid to details: the dials, indexes, cases and stones are worked in such a way as to provide the best quality.